Receive Instant Emails On New Listings with Find-It-First

Receive Instant Emails On New Listings with Find-It-First

Find Listings First with New Listings Email Alerts.

Signing up for Find-It-First notifications is easy and has many benefits to you:

• Daily email alerts of new listings based on your customized search criteria

• Gain an edge on the competition!

• Save time and gas

• Email listings to your agent, spouse, or friends

• Request more information

To enjoy the benefits of our Find-It-First notifications, simply do the following:

» 1. Sign Up For An Account:
You already have an account and are currently logged in, so you're good! If you haven't already, click here to register on our website. If you already have an account, click here to login.

» 2. Define Your Search Criteria:
To specify the type of properties you'd like to be kept up-to-date on, to input your criteria.

» 3. Save Your Search:
When you have narrowed your search criteria to your satisfaction, click Save Search at the top of the search results screen.

» 4. Name Your Search:
On the save search screen, name your search (for example, "Fresno and Clovis Homes") and click 'Save It'.

That's all there is to it!

We hope you find this service helpful and we wish you success in your home-buying experience.